Wedding EtiquetteWhether you are newly engaged, in the middle, or close to the big day, there are lots of questions that will arise. You want to be happy and you want your family and friends to be just as excited and happy as you are.

From the moment there is a proposal there are questions. Who do you tell first? What do you do if parents are divorced or live across the country? The questions start from the very beginning and will continue to come up as the planning evolves.

Knowing proper wedding etiquette ensures you approach everything from the invitations to seating arrangements properly. A wedding etiquette consultant can help alleviate stress and help the entire process of wedding planning go more smoothly.

We are here to answer your wedding etiquette questions and guide you through any situation that pops up.

We offer one time consultations or we can also stay on-board with you until your big day arrives.

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