Whether you are newly engaged, in the middle, or close to the big day, there are lots of questions that will arise. You want to be happy and you want your family and friends to be just as excited and happy as you are. From the moment there is a proposal there are questions. Who do you tell first? What do you do if parents are divorced or live across the country? The questions start from the very beginning and will continue to come up as the planning evolves. Knowing proper wedding etiquette ensures you approach everything from the invitations to seating arrangements properly. ARead More →

If you don’t know the rules of dining, you stand the chance of looking inexperienced and awkward at events and formal dinners. Learn the social graces of dining and entertaining. Feel confident dining at business luncheons, with friends, or hosting a dinner party. Being a gracious host will make your guests feel comfortable. Portray poise and learn social etiquette. After all, the dining table is the most important place your savvy is displayed. Workshop Topics Include: Host/hostess duties and responsibilities American style of dining Continental style of dining Silent code Silverware savvy When to begin – at what point/signaled by whom Toasting- When and HowRead More →

Jacquelyn offers one-on-one individual protocol training.  Feel comfortable in social situations, business protocol, to dining etiquette, we can help you achieve greater confidence the next time you’re out and about—whatever the setting. For More Information Contact JacquelynRead More →

       Teaching that we always want to be mindful of our actions and how we treat other people. Jacquelyn Youst’s etiquette program for children teaches the confidence that comes from knowing the right thing to do. When confidence grows, so does the ability to develop happy relationships. Our etiquette workshop series is designed to empower children to develop strong social skills that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. Jacquelyn’s interactive session helps students learn the value of self-respect and consideration towards others. Her message encourages youth to support one another and take control of their destiny by making good choices. Our classes teachRead More →

  Business etiquette shows professionalism, and reflects that you can fit into corporate culture. Master important life skills that will lead you to Excel in your professional and personal relationships. You will learn to present yourself with complete confidence so you can more effectively compete and advance. The ability to project confidence and poise is the core characteristic of Presence.  People who exhibit presence exude a “wow” factor and magnetism. Jacquelyn Youst teaches the skills you need to communicate with passion and energy. Workshop Topics Include: Communication skills and non-verbal communications Introductions – business vs social Active Listening Small talk and conversation skills Telephone SkillsRead More →